One of the best mom moments in TV history. I wish more parents knew how important it is to validate their children’s feelings.

What this is so beautiful

Marge tried real fucking hard sometimes.

Marge tried real fucking hard all the time

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broken english

when my mother struggles to spell a word in english
I want to break the entire language
into little pieces
so the edges of these letters
will stop cutting her

— aysha via Diaspora Defiance
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“If you blame Native American communities for their poverty, remember that the entire continent was stolen from them.

If you blame Black American communities for their relative poverty, remember that Black Americans were stolen from a continent, trafficked, and enslaved for nearly 300 years.

Tell me again about how your family ‘started from nothing’ when they immigrated. Didn’t they start from whiteness? Seems like a pretty good start.

The American Dream required dual genocides, but tell me again about fairness and equal opportunity. Tell me about democracy, modeled after the Iroquois Confederacy. Tell me your proud heritage, and I will show you the violence that made it so.”

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Kim Katrin Crosby, Keynote Speaker for LGBTQ History Month at Dartmouth, on September 30, 2013

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Marinduque folk rally against mine waste deal ›


an informative flowchart for u 

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love between us is
speech and breath. loving you is
a long river running.

sonia sanchez, haiku (for you). (via black-poetry)

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I am finding quieter ways to love you.

I do not need someone to complete me
but if you wanted to
we could walk next to each other
into whatever is coming next.


given that i believe that healing is such a long process, one that does not end with age, one that gets reopened every time we are hurt; i believe that some of us are meant to live broken hearted. and i don’t mean that in a pessimistic way, it’s not pessimistic to see things the way they are. in fact i think it’s more optimistic to admit that i was born broken hearted and have learned to love anyway and am currently broken hearted and will learn to love anyway. that to me is living. 

One day, someone will say “I love you” and you will hear “family”. That is a love worth surrendering to.

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Hello Tumblr world! I have a very very very very important and special request. My dear friend Jotika, amazing fierce badass qtipoc artist writer singer, and her family are calling out for some financial support with her sister’s medical bills. If you can, open your pockets - however much or little you can. Please share far and wide! Maraming salamat <3

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