dear majesstica,

i’m dusting off my suede, knee high, six-inch stilleto boots for your union of love so i can get all coyote ugly while working the bar. this outfit might also entail a leather brassier. 

peeking ass cheeks are in the horizon. 

love to you both!

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    I like everything about this.
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    This got me real excited and so I shaved my pubies into a little misshapen heart. Can you feel the love?
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    more like our whole crew of friends! at some very fine point narcism becomes a community builder.
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    Not only are all the most wonderful people going to be there, we have the HOTTEST bar staff and Vancouver/Victoria’s...
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    this was actually already the hottest event of the decade and then Mel Mat RSVP’d and got on bar staff and now it’s been...
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